1. Do High Level Design with community input.
  2. After HLD done and reviewed to 0.1.0  (EASY part done),
  3. Get needed SW to run on reference platform.
    1. MANDATORY: Linux, AROS.  OPTIONAL: MorphOS, AmigaOS
    2. Get basic set of drivers working
  4. At this point we must have strong control team ready.
  5. Start probing the alternatives to get LLD done for production and contact with production company.
  6. Do LLD to 0.1.0 level and produce prototypes.
    1. At this point we should get at least one OS with drivers to run robustly on the prototype
    2. BETATESTER program possible
  7. After HW + SW works on the prototype, finance production run.

Schedule … no schedule, just rocking?
(hopefully 1…2 is DONE during 2015)

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